Please find below a comment I gave to the Wharfedale Observer in relation to the planning hearing in respect of the above. I trust this keeps you up to date.

“The application was deferred by the Plans Panel to a future date . The main reason that this was done was because Shell had not consulted with Ward Councillors or Pool Parish Council or organised any joint meetings with the above parties to meet with them and Council officers. Hopefully Richard Parker and I had an influence on the thinking. It was me who raised the issue about the lack of consultation but Richard and I then emphasised our concerns over highways issues. For my part I pointed out that my concerns were around the entrances/exits and the fact that there were 5 and it would be very chaotic for cars to move around the site and they would be exiting and entering from different angles all over the site.

Also concerns were raised about the height of the canopy and whether there is a need for illuminated signage.

I also raised concerns as to how HGVs would move around the site and cars queueing on to Main Street and also the two nearby Give Way entrance/exits from Main Street around Pool Bridge. I also raised concerns there was no decent pedestrian facilities for accessing the site safely or for pedestrians to move around the site. Yes, there was one indicated but more are needed.

I asked the Plans Panel to consider deferring the planning application for further negotiation  as I felt that a solution could be found.

On cross examination by the Plans Panel it became very apparent that the applicants felt they only needed to speak to officers, not elected members and therefore it was unanimously agreed the application be deferred subject to consultation with the parties mentioned above. 

Richard Parker and I met with the representatives of the applicant immediately after along with the Planner. We had a brief discussion and the gentleman acting on behalf of the applicant agreed to go back to Shell and he agreed to contact me with a way forward. Richard and I would hope that they will agree to meet us all on site and then meet again in the centre of Leeds with other Council officers to try and agree a way forward. No timescales were set for any of these actions.”