I thought you might be interested to have an update on the Council’s recovery strategy from Storm Eva that caused so much misery and mayhem last Boxing Day.

As a reminder 2683 properties were affected, flooded or seriously flooded, similarly 678 commercial properties. The Council assessed 150 structures for damage and over 1000 volunteers were engaged in the clean up process.

As you will be aware a significant effort was put in to getting communities and businesses back up and running again as quickly as possible but developing plans for future resilience has continued, although some businesses are still recovering. Lessons have been learned and progress made on the recommendations put to the Council.

The Council’s Emergency Handbook has been revised and policies on sandbags and on-call arrangements have been part of the process. Most work is either completed or now part of Business As Usual. One thing to emerge is the Leeds Flood Resilience Programme Board working with the Environment Agency.

Grant funding has been administered to both residents and businesses affected with more than £3million of support provided. Support is still in place for anyone who is still unable to return home or businesses who are not yet fully operational. Plans are in place to use remaining funding from Government grants to target specific needs.

It is important that the longer term resilience of Leeds is addressed and the Government has committed to fund a feasibility study into Phase Two of the River Aire Flood Resilience Scheme which the Cuoncil and the Enviornment Agency have been working closely on.

As at the end of September £345k worth of grants (£500)  have been paid out and £467k of business support grants (£2500). Phase 1 of the Flood Alleviation Scheme due to be completed in 2017 with funding of £45m which will protect 3000 homes and 500 businesses. Unfortunately 7 families have been unable to return to their homes and 50 businesses are still not fully operational.