I have received the update below in respect of the Cookridge Village Post Office re-opening date.

Cookridge Village Post Office®

17-19 Cookridge Lane, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7LQ

Thank you for your email of 28 November 2016 asking for a current update on the opening of the above Post Office branch.

As our operator’s extensive refurbishment for the branch has been ongoing for a few months now, we fully understand your continuing concerns about the temporary closure of Cookridge Village Post Office. I would emphasize that during this period, working closely with our operator, we’ve been doing our utmost to minimise the period of closure.  We fully appreciate the importance of maintaining a service to our customers in communities such as Cookridge Village, and it remains our intention to maintain a Post office presence in the area.

I can report that following a recent site visit, it was clear the project was nearing completion. We have therefore put plans in place to install our operational equipment on site, ready for opening. At this stage, the proposed date of opening for Cookridge Village Post Office is Wednesday 21 December 2016.  Having said that, if there are any unforeseen schedule changes which mean a change in the date of reopening, we will let our customers know by displaying posters and writing to local representatives in line with due processes.”