I recently argued in Full Council that brown bin garden waste collections should be extended across the whole of Leeds and that developers should be asked to make provision for brown bin collections as part of planning permission for new developments. Currently the council has imposed a moratorium on introducing further collections for residents living in new developments or in ‘hard to reach’ areas, which I believe is unfair. I would like the council to introduce collections to meet the needs of Leeds residents by using some of the savings from the East Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF).

Why should some areas of the city miss out on brown bin collections simply by virtue of living in a hard to reach area, or in a new development. It creates a two tier system of bin collections, considerable inconvenience for residents with large amounts of garden waste, and means the council misses out on recycling a substantial amount of waste.

It is time to put the situation right. The Council should introduce more brown bin collections based on need. We should also ask the Planning Department to implement a policy that will see brown bin provision and collection form part of planning contributions from developers on all new housing sites for a period of 5 years from occupation.

I would also like to see the brown bin collections extended so that they last throughout the year and don’t stop just when they are most needed. Leaves don’t stop falling at the end of November.