A lot of residents contact me to tell me about the number of unsolicited telephone calls they receive on a daily basis. I have taken this up with West Yorkshire Trading Standards who advise that a lot of these calls are coming from abroad and therefore are not subject to the same restrictions in terms of contacting people who are registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). The calls may show up on your phone, if you have a caller identifier display, as having a UK area code but this may not be the case.

There are various products and services that can block nuisance calls but you may need to pay for them. To find out more talk to your phone provider or consider a call blocker. You need to ensure you read any instructions with these so that calls you do want are not blocked. Consider screening calls; you can also screen calls by having a phone with a “Caller Display” function or use an answer phone or voicemail. Treat any calls you do not recognise with caution. Try asking for the caller’s details – You could just put the phone down but if you choose to speak to them they must give you the name of the organisation and the address and phone number. This often has the effect of the caller hanging up.