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I have received information about the Council’s Metal Matters campaign that begins at the end of February and runs until 12 May 2017. The aim of the campaign is to encourage residents to recycle metal from around the home.  The Council has teamed up AluPro, who represent UK metal manufacturers, M&S and Unilever to run the Metal Matters campaign for the next 12 weeks in Leeds.

Metal Matters raises awareness of what metals can go in your green bin and why it’s important to recycle as much as we can to reduce carbon and save money by diverting it away from disposal. In Leeds, the average household uses 600 food cans, 380 drinks cans and 182 foil trays a year and each one is endlessly recyclable. Some of this is captured in the green bins but we need to do more as we strive to reduce the 306,000 tonnes of waste we collect from across the city each year.

The Council will be raising awareness that Metal Matters, by sending an information leaflet to each household in Leeds with support from roadshows, social media, press work, bus advertising and posters in community buildings.

  • Remember to recycle aerosols, foil, cans and tins from around the home
  • Download the Leeds Bins app or visit for more information