Following a number of complaints about parking on the footway at the shopping parade on Otley Road, north of Farrar Lane and obstructions being caused I met with the police and the Highways Engineer on site to see whether a solution could be found that would be in proportion to the problem and not adversely affecting the shops, as I fully support the businesses in the area. Set out below is the latest update from the Highways Engineer who is referring to putting 3 bollards near to Woodends Butchers.

“At this point I have a proposal drawn up. You will note that the bollards are offset 1.5m from the kerb face. This is to allow parking to continue on the footway for customers of commercial premises in the area, as there is clearly demand for this. By allowing this kind of parking, it minimises the potential obstructive parking on the A660 I was concerned about. The bollard layout with the two offset at the back of the footway will maintain an effective 2m wide footway for pedestrians to use and should be narrow enough for drivers to not want to wedge themselves in between the two bollards. 

I have passed this to the Highways Operations Manager to quote up for me. We’re also looking into alternative bollards, as there is a desire to move away from cast iron as they become brittle over time. Once I have a cost and have duly ordered the scheme, I will let you know. A note will be sent to Woodends and Jaffran to inform them of the proposals and the mitigating action taken to allow their customers to continue parking, whilst protecting the footway for pedestrians. Finally, I will advise as best I can when the Highways team intend to install the bollards on site.”