You may have recently received your Leeds City Council Council Tax Bill for 2017/18. Due to a number of queries from residents in respect of how the information is set out, please find below an explanation from the Chief Officer, Financial Services:

We are in receipt of a lot of queries as to the 2017/18 Council Tax bills. The issue which is being raised stems from the way the increase in the Adult Social Care Precept, which is a separate line on bills, is being shown as increasing by 3% from the previous year.

In practice what is referred to as the Adult Social Care Precept on bills, is in fact simply an element of the Council Tax determined by Leeds City Council. The other elements being determined by Police and Fire. Councils, such as Leeds, who provide Adult Social Care have been allowed by Government to increase their element of the Council Tax by up to 4.99% – this represents a 1.99% increase for general expenditure and a 3% increase in the overall Leeds Council Tax to be used for Adult Social Care purposes   If you add the  Adult Social Care Precept to the Leeds City Council Tax element for both 2016/17 and 2017/18, you will see that the overall increase is  4.99%. 

The Government issued Demand Notice regulations in January 2017 setting out how Councils must show these increases on the Council Tax bill.  These regulations required that we had to show the Adult Social Care Precept in the way it is presented on the bill and as a 3% increase.  While we did not agree with this requirement, we had little choice but to comply given the risks of not doing so.      

For your information, we, and many other local authorities did query the requirements with the relevant Government Department, the Dept for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), and we will be informing DCLG of the comments we are receiving arising from their requirements.