I have received a number of complaints about mud on the road coming from the various development sites on the stretch of the A660 from the Lawnswood Garage to the Lawnswood roundabout. I took this up with Environmental Enforcement and Planning Enforcement.

Set out below is the response I have received from Planning Enforcement:

“I visited the former Government Buildings and the Boddington hall site on Thursday to discuss the mud on the road concerns you have raised. The site manager for the Government buildings site was out at the time of  my visit and I have this morning discussed the concerns with him. He advises me that he has just taking delivery of a £20,000 wheel washing machine which will be up and running by Wednesday and that he has a sweeper instructed to clear the road every day, although this is not required as part of the planning permission.

The site manager at the Boddington hall site advised me that he has a sweeper instructed to sweep the road leading from his site to the Weetwood roundabout and back which he says is done every day usually after 4.30pm and he thinks the issues are from the Government buildings site. I did advise him that the cycle lane has build-up of mud and dust and should also be cleaned which he has agreed to do. 

I intend on visiting the site towards the end of the week to ensure the wheel cleaning machine has been installed and the road being kept clean.”