Following the introduction of the yellow lines on Arthington Lane I have received a number of queries from residents in relation to the extent and the placement of the lines. I took this up with the Highways Engineer who has stated the following:

“These were done far quicker than I expected and before I could mark out the extents myself. The other issue that has been raised seems to be the result of the road marking contractors marking these extents themselves and had I done it, certain issues would have been avoided.”

He then visited the area around the entrance to The Beeches and reported as follows:

“The markings on site have been laid further into The Beeches  than was noted on the drawing, this being the result of the contractor attending site before I had chance to mark up the extents. I had proposed that the measures finished prior to the commencement of the block paving, but the markings have instead been taken over and onto the block paving. I will arrange for this unwanted element to be removed when the contractor attends site to make amendments to the other markings on Arthington Lane.”

The following update is in relation to the lines outside the Village Hall:

“Having visited site this week, I can confirm that the lines have been laid approximately 3 metres short. I can understand the concerns of the resident and I have no qualms in extending the lines further. Under what can be determined as a reasonable extension, I can extend the lines by a further 3 metres again. This should give an improved situation on site.  

As with all such schemes, their impact will be monitored post-implementation. If there is a need to amend the measures further, this can be duly considered as part of another order and with the Adel 20 zone on the programme for the next financial year, we will have the opportunity to consider any amendments as necessary. 

My apologies to the resident for the concern caused by the lining as has been laid on site and I will press for this to be amended as soon as we can.”