The decision on the above application has been made by the Planning Department, they have refused the application.

I am pleased at the planning officer’s decision to refuse the application for Chapel Hill Road. I am also happy that the reasons given for refusal are fundamental to the way in which Pool will develop in years to come; that is any development must be taken in a much wider context and not piecemeal and the impact of traffic on the village and the wider traffic network which will only increase due to developments in the nearby areas such as Bramhope and Otley. Any developer looking to build on the PAS land in Pool needs to take a holistic approach and work with the residents, the Neighbourhood Plan group and the Councillors so that a benefit in terms of long term infrastructure can be put in place. By allowing development of the PAS land in small pieces this would not realise any benefits that residents need in order to reduce the impact of the additional housing, which should be many years away as this land was earmarked by the Council for development post 2028. There are enough brownfield sites to meet housing needs particularly if the Council revise their housing target.