I have received complaints from residents about mud on the highway which I took up with the Planning Enforcement officer. He has responded to me as follows: 

“Dear Cllr Barry Anderson 

Case Number: 17/00179/NCP3 

About: Non-compliance with condition 19: means of preventing mud on the highway  

Site At: Former Site Of Government Buildings Otley Road Adel Leeds LS16 

I write further to a number of complaints received about mud and dust on the road at the above development. 

A complaint was initially received in early March and having visited the site I found that there was an issue with mud being brought onto the highway form the site. This was discussed with the site manager over the phone and he advised me that a £20,000 wheel washing machine was to be delivered within a couple of days. I then visited the site a week later and found the wheel washing machine had been installed and was in use. 

Further complaints have been received which resulted in an officer from highways visiting the site followed by a visit from me on the 27th April. I discussed the concerns with the site manager Chris Rowland and although there was not a lot of mud on the road there was dust which clearly could do with a good clean. Chris advises me that roads are being swept at the end of the day on Mon, Wed and Fridays as this has been reduced from 5 days a week to 3 to cut costs. This is not acceptable as the state of the road is being effected. 

I have suggested to Chris that the road sweepers are brought in a minimum of 5 days a week and maybe vary the times so that they are cleaned midday on some of the days or as and when required. A letter has been sent to the head office advising them of the issues and to look into the matter immediately. 

I will be monitoring the site to ensure it is being kept clean as and when I am in the area.”