One of the top topics we get in our correspondence regularly are complaints about overgrown and potentially dangerous trees. There is a huge backlog of work waiting to be carried out on trees in north Leeds. At the last Full Council meeting I raised a question about it and was told that there are 114 outstanding jobs for work on trees that have been classified as a developing risk. These are not in the most serious categories, but they have the potential to cause future problems.  

I would like to see the Council taking a much more proactive approach to address residents’ concerns. There are so many tree issues and the council has limited resources to deal with them but this backlog is completely unacceptable. 

These trees could, at some point in the future, pose a hazard if they become dangerous through disease or some other cause.  

Then there are the great many trees that may not pose a risk, but which are affecting people’s quality of life through loss of light or TV signal. So what can be done? The Council says there are some funds available to deal with less serious cases, and there is also the option for people to pay for works to be carried out, subject to approval, where the tree is on council land and impacting on the quality of life of private residents or businesses. But we need to put more resource into this area. 

I will be keeping the pressure up on the Council to undertake this important work, and clear the backlog, as soon as possible.