Please find below a further update in respect of the Trolleys at Asda following the Environmental Action Officer’s meeting today with the General Store Manager (GSM): 

“Dear Councillor Anderson, 

I have had a meeting this morning with the soon to be, new GSM of ASDA Holt Park regarding the problem with trolleys being left on the Estate. He assured me that he is committed to finding a solution to the problem and is more than willing to work with us to resolve the problem. 

ASDA Head Office are considering two options for the Store at Holt Park. These are going back to the coin system previously used, where people need to insert a pound coin to release the trolley from the chain secondly to  insert the magnetic strip around the perimeter so it is difficult for people to take trolleys from the site. It was explained to me that the magnetic strip system is not full proof and only makes it more difficult to take the trolleys from site and does not stop it completely. The system locks one of the trolley wheels making pushing the trolley off site more difficult but with strength, trolleys can still be pushed over the strip. Both these options are being considered and priced up at the moment and the new GSM has promised me he will be chasing this up with Head Office to find out which option they will use and try to find out when it will be implemented. 

Trolley Wise, who currently collect trolleys left on the Estate are now employed seven days a week to remove the trolleys. I have pointed out that they do not appear to go into the middle of the Estate and only collect the trolleys they see from the road. The new GSM has asked us to inform him of any hot spot areas where trolleys are regularly left and he will then direct Trolley Wise to look at these locations when they are on the Estate. There is also a book to record discarded trolleys on the Customer Information Desk at ASDA and Trolley Wise consult the list before going on the Estate. 

Tom: At the meeting we spoke about publicising the fact that trolleys are not to be taken from the car park. Is there any chance that we can put an article in the next Estate newsletter to ask people not to do this, as it causes an eye sore and could prove to be dangerous to pedestrians walking, especially people using walking sticks, wheel chairs, and the elderly. If the article could include the fact that there is a book at the Customer Information Desk to report abandoned trolleys, that would be good. 

Finally I have set up another meeting for Friday 30 June 2017 at 08.00am. The GSM will be properly in place by this time and he is going to try to get a representative from Trolley Wise to attend. He also suggested that a representative from the Residents Group would be welcome and anybody else with concerns about this. So Councillor Anderson and Alan Mann, if you are interested in attending, you are more than welcome to attend.”