The latest update from the Planner, on the car wash site is as follows:

“The remaining issues concern design, amenity and highway safety. 

The proposed retail unit is positioned in close proximity to Otley Road and would be clearly visible in both directions.  Unfortunately, the front of the building does not face Otley Road so this important aspect is met with a blank non-descript frontage.  In terms of materials the proposal has improved through amendments.  However, the proposal remains unresponsive to the street scene and amounts to dead frontage facing Otley Road.  The design needs to be more cohesive in all respects – materials, landscaping, natural surveillance, composition of the elevations, etc.  Considering this, we have offered to arrange a meeting with the applicant to discuss the design further. 

The Highway Authority have not lifted their objection in light of the tracking information submitted.  Therefore, unless the applicant is prepared to significantly alter the layout, the proposal maybe refused on highway safety grounds. 

At the end of last week, an extension of time was granted to allow the above to be fully discussed.”