I was contacted by a local resident who had concerns about the footpath not currently being passable on Soggy Bottom. I took this up with Planning Enforcement and set out below is the response I have received:

“Dear Councillor 

[The Planning Officer] has commented as below:- 

‘The site boundary includes the existing footpath which ran alongside the beck as can be seen by comparing the location plan and PROW map. The consent for the site includes the realignment of the original footpath route and the addition of new footpath links to the residential development and neighbouring streets. These were important changes in not only creating appropriate quality footpaths and cycle links through the site but were also important in allowing the creation of the biodiversity corridor along the western boundary of the site. 

There was no agreement to allow the footpath to remain open during the construction phase under the planning consent. This wouldn’t have been possible as the drainage works which have been undertaken at the site required works in areas where the existing footpath is located – as is noted in the CEMP. This would also have prevented future works to create the new footpath links and undertake works as required in relation to the biodiversity area as part of the development of the site. 

The phasing plan shows how the site will be developed in three phases with details of timing including in the CMP. I would expect the public footpaths in different areas of the site to be completed in accordance with the adjacent phase. For example the completion of Phase 1 should allow the footpath link (albeit on an altered course) from the south west corner of the site to Moseley Wood Gardens to open to the public.’ 

As the matter is not controlled by the planning conditions, I have passed the case to colleagues in highways and Public Rights Of Way (PROW) to see if they can assist and have passed on the concerns to the developers.