The recent planning application to remove a condition attached to the approval for the former Adel Pizza has been refused. Please find below a summary of the application and a summary of the officer’s report in connection with the refusal: 


Planning permission was granted on 25.01.2017 for New shop front and two storey extension to rear to form enlarged ground floor hot food takeaway (A5) with three apartments over 16/05761/FU. Within the decision notice planning conditions were imposed and condition 9 stated: 

“Notwithstanding the approved plans the Hot Food Takeaway shall not have a formal or informal eating area for the lifetime of the development. As such facilities could result in an intensification of the use to the detriment of highways safety and residential amenity.” This application seeks the removal of this condition to allow the provision of a seated waiting area for food collection and for customers to have the option to consume their takeaway food on site. 

Planning permission refused in accordance with the plans and specifications for the reason(s) set out below:- 

The Local Planning Authority consider that the removal of Condition 9 of Planning Application 16/05761/FU to allow the provision of formal or informal eating areas at the host property would lead to an increase in numbers of customers and vehicles at the site and locality at any given time. This would adversely affect highway safety due to the limited off street parking provision and increase noise and comings and goings to the detriment of residential amenity. This is contrary to P10 and T2 of the Core Strategy and GP5 of the Unitary Development Plan.” 

The applicant has the right of appeal against this decision and I will keep you advised.