Further to previous information I can now advise that I have been chasing this up with Highways and have received the following update:

“I will be issuing a scheme to our road marking contractor this week to implement a marked bay within the lay-by that runs along the kerb, to return the parking to its previous state rather than the echelon style that has recently been adopted. This will then maintain the good visibility splay for drivers wishing to exit Mavis Lane. I expect this will be implemented within 2-3 weeks, as the contractor is currently undertaking their workload fairly quickly.

I understand colleagues in the Section 278 team are progressing their element regarding the provision of the suitable vehicular crossing to access the parking bays off Mavis Lane to the side of the shop premises and have come to an agreement with the developer on this matter. As part of that agreement, the developer will be providing funds for the parking bay. I am unaware as to timescales of the additional works and will seek clarification on this.”

I will continue to keep you updated as this progresses.