I refer to the above and would confirm that I have been advised of the following pre-application for the above site.

Number:       PREAPP/17/00325

Site:               40 Whinfield, Adel

Proposal:      Demolition of existing bungalow and construction of two detached houses.

The Planning Officer has advised as follows:

“The Local Planning Authority has received the above pre-application enquiry, which concerns the demolition of the existing bungalow and the erection of 2 houses on the site.  Please note the attached plans that illustrate the site location and design details. 

If you have any comments or suggestions of improvement you would like me to relay to the applicant, please let me know by the 20th June 2017.”

I would find it very useful if you could forward to me any initial comments you have to enable me to represent your views clearly and concisely to the Planning Officer by the due date.

If and when this comes forward as a full planning application I will let residents know and you will be able to comment in the usual way to the Council.