Leeds Local Plan – Leeds Core Strategy Selective Review

I have been sent the information below which you may be interested in.

“I am writing to you because you have previously commented on the preparation of Leeds’ Core Strategy which was adopted in 2014.  The Core Strategy forms part of the Council’s Local Plan and sets out the strategic planning policy framework for Leeds to 2028. The City Council has commenced early consultation on a selective review of the Core Strategy. The Council proposes to review the following parts of the Core Strategy:

  • Reviewing the housing requirement in Policy SP6 and extending the plan period to 2033.
  • Incorporating National Housing Space and Accessibility Standards for new housing.
  • Updating policy on affordable housing set out in H5.
  • Reviewing the requirement for greenspace in new housing developments by amending Policy G4.
  • Incorporating new national policy regarding Code for Sustainable Homes by updating the wording of Policies EN1 and EN2

It should be noted that the proposal to incorporate national housing space and accessibility standards has been carried forward from the proposal made in 2016 to incorporate these standards into a separate Housing Standards Plan.  Consultation on that took place in June 2016.

The evidence currently being prepared for the Core Strategy Review includes the preparation of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2017 to re-calculate housing need, evidence of the need to justify introduction of National Housing Standards and evidence of greenspace under-delivery.

This consultation on the Core Strategy Review concerns the following questions:

  1. Are the topics proposed for review necessary?
  2. Are there additional parts of the adopted Core Strategy that ought to be reviewed as well?
  3. Has sufficient evidence been presented to support the proposed areas of review and/or is additional evidence needed?Subsequently the Core Strategy Review will be considered by an independent Government appointed inspector.

The Council would prefer to receive your response by e-mail to corestrategyreview@leeds.gov.uk   as this saves money.  If you do not have access to a computer you may write to us at the above address.

The comments received as part of this consultation will inform the preparation of a Publication Draft  Core Strategy Review which will then be published for a formal 6 week public consultation period when comments will be invited. 

Subsequently the Core Strategy Review will be considered by an independent Government appointed inspector.

You are invited to respond by 5pm, 31th July 2017

Details of this consultation, along with FAQs and an update on other parts of the Local Plan can be found online at www.leeds.gov.uk/csr