See update below from the Environmental Action Officer at the Council in respect of the Asda Trolleys:

“I did have my meeting with the new GSM (General Store Manager) at ASDA today and he informed me that they have deciding on using the magnetic strip system rather than the pound coin system for releasing the trolleys. This is the system that locks one of the trolley wheels if a person tries to take the trolley outside the perimeter. They are well aware that they need to cover all exits so it will be installed at the Farrar Lane side of the Store also. He said that this is at the Planning stage and is currently being dealt with by Principal Land & Property Officer, Leeds City Council.

He has also agreed to come on a walkabout with myself and a member of Trolleywise on the Estate so  he can see the extent of the problem himself. I do not have a date for this yet because he is going to speak to Trolleywise first.”