I have been sent this by the police. If any of you know any of the owners of the local businesses in the Adel & Wharfedale Ward, can you pass this on to them. if you would like a copy of the contact sheet referred to please email me and I shall send it to you.

“Our crime reduction officer if looking to set up a “Business Watch” across the Outer North West area which includes our Adel and Wharfedale Ward.

I think the scheme is a good idea and would like to roll it out across the Ward, hopefully generating a positive response from our local businesses. It is ideally aimed at small local business as opposed to large stores like ASDA. 

I have copied in the proposal of the scheme from the Crime Reduction Officer to explain further; 

I would like to set up a business watch – This would mean business’ filling in the attached form and sending back to me – they can also have a business watch sticker if they want one. 

The idea is to engage with business’ as for some reason they seem to get lost and not offered much from the Police. This scheme would see them getting an email from myself hopefully a couple of times a month.  They would receive details of the number of crimed business burglaries – how many numbers and any trends – not property details and some advice around these crime types. 

I would also like to have a theme each month where I can send info out via email.  This could be from anything from cybercrime to different types of security measures they could use at their business such as info around safes, articles about anti climb paint the list is endless !!! .  Another example might be around the work we did with business in Yeadon when they had the deliberate fires.  We visited properties and offered advice and did joint visits with fire service. 

Or I am quite happy to address anything that they want me to for a particular month.   

If they wanted I could also offer a crime reduction visit and address and personal business concerns.  In the past we haven’t had loads of requests so think I am quite safe offering this. 

Please can I ask for your assistance in circulating this information and the attached form to local business around the ward, by email or by hand and asking that they complete the form and return it by email to Jo Rostron, the details are on the form itself. Hopefully it will assist in preventing them becoming victims of crime and also offer some support. I apologise for asking for assistance with the distribution of this letter but our work load is very high around the Ward and this would be a massive help to me.”