As you may be aware since the withdrawal of the security guards from the former Eastmoor Reformatory site issues have arisen again with people gaining entry to the old buildings. I took this up with the senior officer in the Council’s Asset Management team and she has advised as follows:

“We will take the necessary steps to re-secure. I’ve asked for a reassessment of on-site security, especially the CCTV with a view to making it more effective.”

I then received the following update:

“I have received confirmation that CCTV coverage has been reviewed and in addition to the 2 cameras already on site covering the rear and centre of the building another 2 will be installed to cover the front, where recent breaches have been occurring.”

I then received the following confirmation from the Service and Capital Cost Manager, on 1st August:

“The camera should be in its new position now , had call from site approx. 2 weeks ago informing me they were on with the work.  Will check with the maintenance officer but all should be completed.”