A local resident recently contacted me with the following request:

“I am writing to you as I have concerns about the bus stop by the Shell Garage as at present there are no white lines and markings on the road so cars and lorries are parking anywhere.”

I took this up with Highways and with West Yorkshire Combined Authority (formerly Metro) and have received the response below from the Highways Engineer:

I visited site last week to determine the extent of the parking and to refresh my knowledge of the location considering my previous feasibility work around the ‘triangle’. This parking prevents the bus services from pulling up against the kerb to safely alight/ board. I have discussed the matter with WYCA and we agree that the provision of a bus stop clearway marking would be beneficial to the service here. The short distance it would be provided would cause displacement of vehicles, but it is felt that there is generally sufficient space in the area to accommodate this parking.

I shall arrange for a notice, advertising the bus stop clearway, to be placed on site in the coming week when I am next on site in your Ward. This will run for a month. Should no objections be received, I will place an order with our road marking contractor to undertake the work. Any objections that cannot be removed through dialogue will be reported via an objection report to the Chief Officer for his due attention as per the standard process.

I will notify you upon completion of the advertisement period as to whether any objections are outstanding and how we shall proceed.”