A resident recently brought the following issue to my attention:

“I have noticed the increased time given for pedestrians at the pedestrian crossing on main street. I frequently use the lights as I walk my child to school 3 times a week. Last week I witnessed a lady with a walking stick crossing the road, who got to the White Hart pub before the lights changed back to green. This seem excessive! The traffic was inevitably stacked back along main street, and I dread to think of the extra pollution this is causing as the cars idle at the lights with the person having used the crossing is long gone. The second problem I can foresee is that the ‘red man’ comes on quickly still – leaving pedestrians and cars both at ‘red’. So if you follow someone to the lights it is easy to miss the green man but then have to wait at  the crossing for ages before the lights go green again and then red again.  The temptation to nip across whilst the red man is showing I’m sure will be one that some of the older children won’t resist, as to wait at the crossing whilst the traffic is also waiting for so long seems futile.”

Set out below is the response received:

“The traffic signals at Main St Pool are now working correctly following the replacement of faulty equipment, the increase in pedestrian time was due to the faulty detector.”