I recently received a message from a local resident that the problem with water ponding and lying at the above junction during heavy rain has reoccurred. I took this up with Highways Operations and set out below is the response I received following me chasing this up:

“My drainage contractor attended week commencing 3 July, the road gullies between Adel Lane and Athill Lodge were functioning there was evidence of silt and debris that may have caused concern following a heavy down pour, but they were functional.

However the carrier drain leading down the side of Athill Lodge that connects several road gullies adjacent, clearly warranted attention, arrangements have been made to have a specialist contractor to attend and cleanse this system.

Whist I appreciate that there is an area within the first dip in the road when leaving Adel Lane where surface water does gather, this is very shallow and does drain away in time. The road surface is almost level at this location with limited end and crossfall, but the gullies are in the right location.”