I was advised by the Traveller Liaison officer today of the following:

“Cllr Anderson,    The Travellers should be gone today, the notices served on Friday gave them until today to vacate the land.”

As a result of it being apparent that the Travellers are still on site I have sent the following email below to a number of partners:

“I am getting inundated with complaints that they are still on site. I have been down tonight myself just before 10pm.

A number of questions are being asked:

  1. What has gone wrong?
  2. What action have the police taken to enforce the situation?
  3. How many arrests have been made due to the various problems that have been caused?
  4. Why is there no visible police presence on site or in the car park?
  5. Why have no updates been issued as to why the travellers have not vacated the site?
  6. Why has no action been taken to stop additional vehicles driving onto Bedquilts?
  7. What are the next steps?
  8. When will they be forced to leave?
  9. Why are they being allowed to move from location to location?”