See latest update from the Highways re the accidents on the bend.

“I am aware there is a desire to be updated on progress on this matter, considering the continuing incidents around the bend.

From a Traffic perspective, I am informed that the upgraded road signage will be completed this week. This to be undertaken by SSEC our street lighting contractor, as [The Highways Operations Manager] has no provision within the depot.

The ‘SLOW’ text road markings are also due to be undertaken this week, weather permitting. The double white line extension is to wait until the resurfacing of the bends, as to undertake this we would need to close Church Hill to undertake the work safely, but the double white line system was not in response to the current incidents so I am content with holding this back for the time being.

I will ask that one of my colleagues from Asset Management, [to] provide you with an update as to the resurfacing and likely timescales for this and have copied them in accordingly.”