As you will be aware there was a Bus Consultation run by First Bus in March. The results of that consultation that affect our area have been summarised by First Bus and are set out below.

“North West Leeds Consultation Summary

Service 1 Beeston to Holt Park

You asked for: – Improved reliability.

Our Plan: A new timetable with the service continuing to run at least every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, every 30 minutes in the evening and every 15 minutes on Sunday daytimes. The current night service will remain unchanged. Extra buses will run during University Terms when more passengers travel to make a bus every 8 minutes during the day.

Service 6 City Centre to Holt Park

You asked for: – Improved reliability and suggested we consider alternative routes

Our Plan: Of the alternative route options suggested, more customers gave a negative response than a positive one and more than half of the customers thought it would have no impact on them. There was a preference to retain the current route and improve reliability. We will continue to run over the current route with a 10 minute Monday to Saturday daytime service; a 15 minute Sunday daytime service and a 30-minute evening service. The following improvements will be made:

  • We will operate an extra bus so each journey has more time, generally at the ends of the route, which will improve punctuality
  • Journeys will be retimed and this should reduce the need for buses to wait mid-route
  • Some additional trips will run during the early evening following customer feedback that the evening frequency starts too early

Service 28 Adel to City Centre and Liberty Dock

You asked for: Improved reliability and more buses in the early evening

We will continue to provide the same frequency service, but will add an extra journey to make a better frequency in the early evening. The timetable will change slight, especially in the peaks. Presently the 28 buses run onto other services in the afternoon and experience has shown this can lead to delays on the 28 and customer feedback is that the timetable seems complicated as a result, especially from Liberty Dock. We will change this which should improve reliability.”