I received a complaint about the speed table on Moor Road as it was felt it was not as defined within the road as the ones on Breary Lane are. Set out below are two responses I have received.

  1. On 15th May 2017

“Dear Cllr Anderson 

Following a site meeting with our contractors, remedial works will be undertaken to the speed table on Moor Lane to re-profile the table ramps. 

At present it is proposed to undertake the works on a Sunday via a road closure which will need processing and co-ordinating so it does not clash with any other works in the area or the diversion route. We will also look at the possibility to undertake the works on a week day with temporary traffic signals if the extent on the works allow.     

I will contact you again when I have a date for the remedial works but would expect it to be within the next 6-8 weeks.”

2. On 31st August 2017

“Dear Cllr Anderson

Further to the emails below, the ramp profiles on the speed table on Moor Road have been amended to provide a more defined on / off ramp. These are now more in-keeping with the speed tables that were introduced along Breary Lane.

Temporary spray markings are still in place and I have requested that the contractors introduce the permanent markings as soon as possible.”