As you may be aware there are 2 children from local schools in Adel & Wharfedale in the final 12 for the Children’s Mayor for 2017/18 – Maisy Micklethwaite from Adel Primary School and Elissa Lyon from Cookridge Holy Trinity. I have been sent the Manifesto for Elissa which is set out below.

Leeds Children’s Mayor


Every year, children and young people in Leeds elect their new Children’s Mayor. If you’re 18 years of or younger and live in Leeds please log on, read the entries and cast your vote.

Elissa Lyon

Cookridge Holy Trinity Primary School

My manifesto is to encourage families to walk to school by setting up treasure hunts

Every day, when I walk to school, the roads are full with cars, which are making our community polluted. My manifesto is all about getting families and children to walk more and drive less. My idea is to set up hunts and walks for children and families to follow. If parents are willing to volunteer to lead a route then there would be no cost in getting in any staff. Also, we could put up maps during the route to help children with their map reading which links in with geography in schools and high schools. These walks don’t have to be long, there could be shorter routes for younger children. I understand that smaller children get bored easily so I thought we could put a special sign on the map where there is a different types of trees for them do tree rubbings, this would make the walks more enjoyable and exciting for children (and adults!)

Please vote for me on the following link


or bring your ballot papers to vote at your local library.


Please consider voting for both Elissa and Maisy.

To access Maisy’s manifesto, copy this into your browser:


Voting will be open from 9am on Monday 17th July until 12 noon on Friday 15th September. Remember to vote for 2 different candidates otherwise your vote will not be counted.