I am often asked what the rules are about people having bonfires in their gardens at any time during the year.  Set out below is the response received from the Environmental Health Manager:

“There are no set times when someone can have a bonfire. The general approach is that it’s preferable and more environmentally friendly to compost at home or take garden waste to a recycling site. However one or two bonfires a year where the home owner burns their own dry garden waste in a controlled manner and not for a long time duration and ideally provides neighbours with some warning would not be likely to be an enforcement issue. 

If a person burns anything other than their own garden waste, particularly anything likely to produce excessive smoke, soot, odour etc. could result in enforcement action as a statutory nuisance by the Cleaner Neighbourhood Team, Also if someone is having bonfires on a regular basis this could also trigger statutory nuisance action. 

Businesses are not allowed to burn waste at all. 

The public can make a complaint regarding nuisance burning by calling the environmental contact centre on 0113 2224406 or  “