Following comments raised with me by local residents in respect of the number of vehicles parked half on and half off the highway at the above location and the inability of the bus to pull in fully to the stop I took this up with Highways. I have today received notification of intended highways work in respect of the bus stop above which may be of interest to you. This will form part of a formal consultation (TRO) which also includes work to the highway outside the Bellway Homes site, therefore please send me any comments you would like to make so they can be taken into account.

“Following a recent query from Cllr B Anderson, on behalf of a local resident, a scheme is proposed for A660 Otley Road, Adel, to provide improvements to the bus stop 45011744, Otley-bound between New Adel Lane and The Crescent.

The concern raised to us was that due to parked vehicles on this stretch, the bus was not able to pull up against the kerb. This meant the alighting and boarding of passengers in the carriageway and could a bus stop clearway marking be provided to prevent parking in an area and allow the bus to align against the kerb as appropriate. A bus stop clearway has been previously proposed at this location and was objected to by residents on the basis of a loss of parking. It was determined that a more robust scheme would be required to get around that issue.

Subsequently, as you can see on the attached drawing TM-1-2994-CON, the following is proposed: 

–          A footway build out outside number 395/397 Otley Road, with the bus stop flag relocated to this new location. To note the bus stop flag is currently on the lighting column outside 391/393 Otley Road.

–          A bus stop clearway marking provided up against this build out.

–          Provision of a half-on, half-off carriageway/footway parking bay, to allow the continued parking of residential vehicles.

–          Provision of double yellow lines from their existing extent to a new position, to prevent undesired parking around the existing pedestrian refuge.

–          Amendments to the central hatching to make formal the new running lane alignment. This lane shall be 4m in width, thus accommodating cyclists.

Normally, we would not consider a half-on, half-off carriageway/footway parking bay, as the footway is a space for pedestrians. However, such is the width of this footway, this bay can be accommodated and will retain a minimum 1.8m width to the rear of the bay which is the standard minimum desired width of a footway. We do not intend to lower the existing kerb in this location. The kerb is not a standard height and the parking in this location takes place without such amendments. The cost implications of lowering this length of kerb would mean that this proposal could not be taken forward, whereas we can accommodate the works in their proposed form.

As noted above, the work includes a section of double yellow lines that will require a formal, legal advert. I shall be including this element within a temporary order being processed now for provision of a section of double yellow lines between the new Bellway development on the government buildings, to the pedestrian crossing outside the Crematorium. This will allow us to take forward this wider proposal without waiting for the completion of the TRO scheme.

I would be obliged if you could consider the proposals and inform me of your views at your earliest opportunity. To note, the proposal has been seen and approved by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.”