I recently met with Bellway Homes representatives and they have promised to send me a monthly update in respect of any issues that residents need to be aware of.

Set out below is the first of these updates:

“Firstly our sales area on Adel Lane is due for opening on Saturday, so there will be vehicles entering the site from the drive of the old property that was demolished on Adel lane. The main show house is due to be open mid-November.  

In terms of construction we will be starting plot 14-18 next month which are behind a couple of houses on the meadows. And we are going to start plots 25 and 26 which are the last two directly behind lawns hall close.  

I have spoken to [my colleague] regarding any service updates and the following works are due October time but this is subject to highways approval so we don’t have a fixed date as of yet or exactly what will be required. The Services have to be connected to the plot which replaces the old house on Adel lane. The worse case Scenario for this is going to be a 2 way traffic signal lane closure for 7-10 days. Once [we have] all this confirmation I will pass this information straight on to you but as mentioned it all has to be approved by highways but I will give you as much notice and information as possible once we have some more confirmation on this. Please remember this is worst case so all being well we will be in and out quicker with a bit less disruption but I will keep you posted.

[Secondly], a quick update for you on the services on Adel Lane, We have managed to get this approved quicker than expected so they will be proceeding with this next week. Hopefully starting on the Monday for 7-10 days as previously mentioned. Once these works are complete we will be able to shape up the site entrance and make this a safe environment to open up to the public. This will allow us to move the fence further into the site which should resolve [any issues].  

Please note that we have to ensure this area is safe to be open to the public before we can move the fence further into site.”