At the last Full Council Meeting on 13th September I tabled the following question:

“Would the Executive Member responsible for the Environment please advise Council why they consider it is acceptable to have vast amounts of litter strewn up and down our main carriageways and main routes into Leeds, particularly if we are aiming to win the bid for the European Capital of Culture and in the meantime attract visitors and businesses into Leeds?”

I received the following written response this week:

“I don’t particularly recognise the description given of vast amounts of litter on our main carriageways and routes into the city. However, I do recognise that there are problem hotspots, usually junctions and on certain stretches of road. This is part of a nationally recognised problem mainly caused by a thoughtless minority of people who carelessly throw litter from their vehicles.  

We are working closely with Keep Britain Tidy on a number of issues and are looking to start a city wide campaign to tackle this problem of “car litter”. As well as targeting specific problem locations, the campaign will involve residents and seek their help to challenge and change the behaviours of those who choose to litter our road sides. We will be encouraging people to send us ‘dashcam’ evidence of littering from cars and using social media to help get the message across that this anti-social and illegal behaviour is not acceptable in Leeds. 

I look forward to support from Elected Members for the campaign when it is launched and plan to work closely with the 10 Environmental Champions to ensure the campaign has maximum impact and reach.”