I have received the information below:

“To encourage jar and bottle recycling at one of our 700 bottle banks in the city, we’re running a ‘Recycle Your Glass’ campaign for the next 6 weeks in Leeds.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the different types of glass bottles and jars and the locations of the bottle banks around the city which are often only a few hundred metres away from your home.

We’ll also be highlighting why it’s important for us all to do our bit to reduce carbon and save money for the city by diverting glass from disposal.

Each year Leeds households throw away about 30kg a glass in their household bins which costs us over £1 million to dispose of.

As part of this we’re trialling a ‘hyperlocal’ approach to see whether, if we give detailed information on bottle bank locations or a practical box or bag to store glass, we can get people to either start recycling their jars and bottles or do even more.

The pilot areas we’re focusing on are:

  • Crossgates and Whinmoor: will get mail drops of specific information maps on their local area glass banks and be offered a box or bag to help start a routine of recycling glass in the household
  • North Morley: will get mail drops of specific information maps on their local glass banks
  • Citywide: general information on finding their local glass banks

The pilot areas were identified using a process of checks for communities with average recycling rates for the city who have potential to improve, strong retail centres with a good distribution of glass banks and a target audience demographics that included ages 25 – 65 who are car users. If the pilot is successful, we will look to replicate this work in other areas of the city.

We’ll raise awareness of glass recycling, by sending an information leaflet to the pilot area households in Leeds with wider support from roadshows, social media, press work, bus advertising and posters in community buildings.”