Stairfoot Lane, Adel and 20mph TRO, Adel

A number of residents have raised questions about Stairfoot Lane, especially with respect to the 20mph Traffic Regulation Order. Set out below is the latest information and response from Highways in this respect:

“Dear Councillor Anderson

Just to clarify the current situation:

  • Speed Limit Reduction on Stairfoot Lane.

As explained at our meeting, as part of the upcoming Adel 20mph scheme we would consider reducing the speed limit on Stairfoot Lane to either 30 or 40mph depending on the assessment, and include these proposals within the overall Adel scheme.  As part of the Adel scheme design the assessment of the speed limit in line with the Government’s Setting Local Speed Limits framework indicated that a 40mph was the most suitable speed limit and thus we have included a reduction of the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph on the full length of Stairfoot Lane as part of the Adel 20mph scheme.

The proposed Adel 20mph scheme including Stairfoot Lane was consulted on and has been through the statutory legal procedure including the formal public advertisement, and whilst we have received 4 objections to the overall scheme proposals, we are looking at issuing the works for the whole scheme before Christmas for implementation early in the new year.

  • Provision of warning signs, road markings and coloured surfacing.

The works associated with the pedestrian warning signs and road markings have been issued to our various contractors for implementation, I will chase up an actual implementation date but would envisage that this would definitely be before Christmas.