At the meeting of the Outer North West Housing Advisory Panel (HAP) on Monday 11th December, panel members approved funding of £1800 to pay for a gardening project and also to buy a Bingo machine.

The project put forward by the Farrar Lane Sheltered Housing scheme is very worthy of the HAP funding. It will benefit the residents there immensely. The gardening project will enable those residents who have moved to Farrar Lane to continue to enjoy gardening as a hobby, as many residents are newly located there and have been keen gardeners and allotment holders for many years. They miss their gardens and they will now have the chance to take up that hobby once again.

It will also encourage residents to go outdoors and enjoy the space outside rather than staying in their flats. Local produce can also be grown which can be used for community lunches and communal meals, if the residents want to do that. 

I am pleased that the Farrar Lane residents are going to benefit from this HAP funding because it is vitally important that people are helped to remain fit and active well into old age.

In addition the HAP funding will be used to buy a Bingo machine which will give residents much enjoyment and a social activity that everyone can be involved in, helping to build friendships and make new friends for those who have joined Farrar Lane recently. Previously they have had to borrow a Bingo machine which is not ideal.