I have been in contact with the Council’s Public Rights of Way manager in respect of information I received from a local resident, as follows:

“Where the public footpath crosses the golf course and enters the woods at Paul’s Pond, there is a narrow, sloping part to the path that is presenting problems for most walkers but in particular older walkers as the path is muddy and very slippy.

As a consequence of the treacherous path, people are diverting round it to find drier ground and encroaching on to the golf course. Naturally, to a degree, to counteract this the golf course have laid down dead trees as an obstacle and indeed planted new trees which will eventually form a natural barrier.

Its seems that everybody’s best interests could be better served with some form of collaboration and I understand that the council have previously provided sand that has been used in other areas of the path as it goes through the course.”

I have now received the update in the email below from the Public Rights of Way officer:

“Dear Cllr Anderson,

I have contacted Cookridge Hall Golf Course and they have kindly agreed to lay some crushed stone on this footpath which we will supply to them via one of our quarry suppliers  later this week.”