Information has been received by West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council that members of the Leeds Private Hire Drivers Association are planning to hold a “Slow Drive Demonstration” in Leeds on Monday 8th January 2018. This will be from  0600hrs until 1200hrs around the Leeds City Centre loop.

It is anticipated that the Protest will muster at Leeds Bradford Road at Bramley prior to taking an agreed route down the A65 until it meets the City Loop at Wellington Street.

Heavy congestion within Leeds City and surrounding areas is expected . Note that there is also a scheduled Rail Strike with reductions in some Rail services on Monday  ( and Wednesday and Friday) next week.

I have received an update this evening as a result of me taking up the issue to see what if anything could be done to try and mitigate against the effects of the protest. Below is the response from the Council’s senior officer who has been working the senior police officers in the city.

“Please assure your contact that the council has been working closely with the police to ensure any disruption from any further protests are kept to a minimum.  This has resulted in the police imposing a number of conditions on the organisers, which are detailed in the attached statement’  This statement was agreed earlier this afternoon. The statement also gives an overview of all the work services have done to respond to the LPHDO’s concerns.

We have been informed that as a consequence of the conditions imposed by the police, the protest may be called off on Monday now.  We are currently waiting for the organisers to contact the police to confirm that.  I will let you know if that is confirmed tonight.”

The Council has issued a statement to the press, part of which is below:

“Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police have been notified of a planned “go slow” protest by some private hire drivers in Leeds on Monday 8 January between the hours of 6 am and 12 noon. However conditions have been put in place by West Yorkshire Police to restrict the time and scale of the protest to help reduce the disruption to motorists and public transport although some disruption to traffic in parts of the city centre may still occur.

The conditions restrict the hours of the protest to 10 am and 12 noon to avoid the busy morning rush-hour, limits the number of cars allowed to take part to 100 and requires the drivers taking part to drive in single file so as not to block the carriageway. “