You may have seen a Facebook Site saying that Green Bins are to be introduced on the Holtdales. This is not correct, see the Official position below:

“Firstly, I’ve raised this with customer services as they have clearly made a mistake, and then when asked to confirm absolutely, have then repeated the mistake to the customer. They have apologised and will be clarifying the position with the web-chat team. Our own Waste Adviser team, who work within the Waste Management Service have posted a response on Facebook.  

In terms of the service that is currently being provided:  

Whilst I can understand residents’ frustration and the wish to have a kerbside recycling service, the fact that we have not moved to fortnightly collections on the Holtdales was not to save the council money. The current service actually costs more than the ‘standard’ service in the rest of the city. This is because the majority of the Holtdales is still on weekly black bag collections, and uses communal recycling facilities, which are also emptied every week. Historically we excluded the Holtdales from fortnightly collections of the black bins because of concerns about the environmental impact on the estate of doing so.  

As it stands we don’t have the capacity on the existing communal collection route to provide a kerbside green bin collection on the Holtdales. The route that empties the communal green bins has the time to empty the communal bins, but wouldn’t have the time to empty several hundred green bins, and the black bin crew clearly don’t have the time to empty any green bins. Without fundamentally redesigning the route we would therefore have to put additional resources into the service to provide a kerbside green bin collection on the estate. 

Things have obviously now moved on and we have talking with local Councillors for a while now about whether the estate could move to fortnightly collections of their black bins, and in doing so, that would enable us to provide a kerbside recycling collection service. As I’ve said, this will require us to fundamentally redesign the collection route, and we’re working on that. However, it is currently delayed as it is linked to the wider route review that we’re currently undertaking. In introducing the new service we would also need to make sure we get the service provision right, as the majority of the estate is still serviced using black bags, and we would need to make sure we could provide a reliable recycling service to those properties before it was introduced. “