On Friday 8th December I met with Asda, this meeting included a number of their managers plus the Council’s local Environmental Action Officer to discuss a number of concerns. In particular the issue of stray trolleys around the area. The following action points were agreed:

  1. Asda would provide additional extra signage around the perimeter and also in the various trolley bays advising residents they should not take the trolleys away from the location.
  2. Asda would provide information leaflets to be handed out and made available to residents to remind of this.
  3. It was agreed there is a need to collate the locations of trolleys as to where they are being left around the area and also the names and addresses of any repeat offenders.
  4. It was agreed a suggestion would be made to the local Residents Association to see if any of their members would be willing to support the collation of this information. It was also agreed that Trolleywise, the Environmental Health Action Officer and members of the public in general should be asked to report this information either direct to Asda or to them, via us.
  5. It was also agreed that Asda would draft a polite letter that will be passed to any residents who are repeat offenders.
  6. The Environmental Action Officer agreed they would also produce a follow up letter to local residents, once the letter referred to above had been issued to anyone.
  7. It was acknowledged that the reintroduction of the £1 deposit is having an effect on reducing the number of trolleys that are disappearing and this will be monitored to ensure it remains so.
  8. It was agreed that we will use Social Media to advertise the information above.
  9. It was also agreed that I would ascertain from the Council the actual ownership of the car park and who is responsible for maintaining it and whether or not any lease could be agreed for Asda to take on the responsibility.
  10. Depending on the outcome of 9 above Asda would consider introducing a retention rail around the car park so as to lock the wheels of the trolleys and hence stop them being taken off site.