Charges for inert waste, plasterboard and tyres at Household Waste Recycling Sites

I have been sent the information below:

“You will be aware from last year’s 2017/18 budget proposals to Executive Board that, due to the on going financial pressures, we are planning to introduce charges at our household waste recycling sites for inert wastes (rubble, soil, etc.), plasterboard and tyres. These charges will come into effect from Monday 5th February 2018, and it is expected that this will generate savings of around £240,000 per year based on a combination of an expected reduction in these wastes being delivered to sites and a projected level of income from charging. 

These wastes are not classed as ‘household waste’ under the relevant legislation since they are more construction type wastes consisting of the very fabric of a household rather than arising from the activities of a household. There is not therefore a duty for the Council to accept these wastes from residents free of charge. 

Charging for these wastes on recycling sites has been adopted by many councils across the country, including a number of our neighbouring authorities. A full consultation was carried out earlier in 2017 asking residents to identify any issues or concerns with the proposals. These responses have been considered and addressed in designing our policies and processes.  

One of the main concerns raised was that this could lead to an increase in fly-tipping. However, the available evidence and our benchmarking with other authorities has not identified that such schemes result in increases in fly-tipping. It is also worth noting that similar concerns were expressed ahead of last year’s introduction of charging for replacement bins and for the collection of unwanted bulky items, but resulting increases have not been observed. It should also be remembered that trade waste is already prohibited at our sites. Fly tipping is a serious offence and we do not believe that significant numbers of Leeds residents will resort to illegal activity as a result of the introduction of modest charges for these occasional wastes. 

A full matrix of prices has been developed and is included within the attached leaflet, but the following provides an overview:

•             The price for up to one 25 litre bag or equivalent of soil/rubble will be £2.60;

•             The price of one 25 litre bag or equivalent of plasterboard will be £4.80;

•             The price of one sheet of plasterboard up to 180 cm x 90 cm will be £3.00;

•             The price of one tyre will be £1.50;

•             All single items will be £2.60 each.

These prices have been calculated based exclusively on recovering the estimated operational, administrative and disposal costs associated with dealing with these waste streams. 

Payments may be made by debit or credit card using a secure card payment machine. If a resident has not brought their card to site, they can phone a family member or friend from the site, who can then make the payment on their behalf over the phone. 

The formal decision to introduce this scheme will be published today, and signage notifying residents of the forthcoming charges is being put up on the sites this week. I have attached for your information the leaflet summarising the scheme that will be made available to residents, and also a series of FAQ responses which will be posted on the LCC website.”