The Council has produced a Pest Information Leaflet about Feral Pigeons which are now common in many urban areas. They feed on scraps of food discarded by humans and spillages from food outlets. Feeding these pigeons just attracts more to the location. They breed throughout the year with incubation just 18 days. These pigeons are considered a major pest, particularly in urban areas and they should be avoided as they pose a significant risk to human health for the following reason:- they have the potential to transmit disease through droppings; droppings can not only cause a mess but are a slip hazard; dried droppings in roof voids or other confined spaces can be inhaled leading to respiratory problems.  

There are many things people can do to avoid having a problem with feral pigeons such as feeding responsibly using suspended wire feeders – never put food on the floor and clear up any spillages; outdoor food should be stored in sealed containers and dispose of food waste properly and keep bin areas tidy.