Re the recent spate of crimes in the area I took this up with the police and the local Crime Prevention officer and a precis of their comments in response are set out below:

“In relation to crime in Cookridge, it is very disheartening that our Ward has seen an increase in burglary offences in the past 12 months and I understand the fears of residents around this. Jo, like myself, would provide crime reduction advice around lighting, house alarms, general home security, and my number one…get a dog! 

As we all know the Council maintain that street lighting and state it is not there to reduce crime, it is to illuminate pavements, hence the reason they turn it off at certain hours when there is little foot fall. We all appreciate this is to save money in the current climate. I know people feel safer with the lights on but there has been no supporting evidence that crime increases when lights are turned off, so far as I am aware. 

Other than the above I cannot provide anything further around way of reassurance. People being vigilant is great, perhaps they could make some signs up to place on the residents gates and fences, highlighting the fact they are watching out. Things like this do actually work. 

There is no supporting evidence that crime has risen because of the street lights. 

The best thing I can suggest are the snap proof locks and also being careful with high value cars – using steering locks and keeping keys out of sight.”

I will continue to do everything I can to work with the police to ensure that all possible action is taken