Yesterday Cllr. Caroline Anderson and I went to visit a new group that has been set up at Ralph Thoresby, for children aged 2 -7 called Sports Tots. It is run by 2 qualified PE teachers and takes place on Saturday mornings.  David Smart, one of the PE teachers who has set this group up has provided the following information:

“It’s all about keeping young families active through different sports, at a local venue and keeping it affordable.  Sports Tots is all about the long term development of children both physically and mentally, colours, number and word recognition.”

The advantages to Sports Tots are:

  • We are teachers and focus on teaching and learning, even at this early age
  • We are parents and so care passionately about what we do.
  • We are affordable to all
  • We offer different sports every 6 weeks so our children and parents don’t get bored
  • We look at the child’s long term development not just the short term financial gain to be made from the initial excitement then wait for  the next cycle of children to come around.
  • We support a local man and friend fighting cancer and we raised £150 for Gareth/ cancer research last month.”

Sports Tots are not looking for sponsorship but would like to increase the number of people who attend. There is no “brand” outfits that children need to wear or parents need to buy, they can wear their own football tops, rugby tops, t-shirts etc.

The website is

Twitter @Sportstots123

There is a charge of £6 per child per session.

There is plenty of car parking available within the Ralph Thoresby school grounds.