Access Leeds Library via An App

I was recently approached by a local resident who brought the following issue to my attention:

 “There is an app called Libby that enables you to borrow books from your library electronically. 

 Leeds City Council libraries are not on it! North Yorkshire and Kirklees are…. I cannot access these though because I have a Leeds library card.

 Would you be able to ask LCC to get on the case? Libby is an app by Overdrive. Overdrive does the same thing for School Libraries – for example, Harrogate Grammar School is on there, but no Leeds schools!

 This would be a very useful service and of course reduce traffic as people would not have to drive to the library.”

I took this up with the Chief Librarian at the Council and received the following response:

 “Hello Cllr Anderson – there are a number of eBook suppliers for library services and we have recently undertaken a procurement exercise for our eBook and e-audio provision.

 We are now with a supplier called Bolinda and there is an app Borrow Box which can be downloaded to use to access these resources from our catalogue.

 We also provide access to zinio which provides access to magazines electronically. All this information is available on our website –

 Download the library app by clicking the link