Bus Services – From/Via Holt Park to Leeds

I was recently asked by a local resident what plans/proposals First Bus have for improving the reliability of bus services in the area and also the health effects on buses idling with engines running at Holt Park. Set out below is the response from First Bus:

 [Your resident] is absolutely right about the importance of reliability. Although there are occasions when customers continue to have their journeys affected, e.g. heavy congestion last Thursday, the overall performance of both the 1 & 6 has significantly improved over recent weeks and compared to last year. We’d expect this to improve even further when we introduce a revised timetable on February 18. If we do receive any specific concerns, we’d be pleased to investigate. The ideal way to do this is online,


 With regards engine idling at Holt Park. There will be times when buses arrive earlier than expected, for example if traffic conditions are lighter than average. In such situations our policy is to limit idling to 3 minutes unless extreme weather conditions, in traffic or for specific engineering/maintenance activity. Our depot operations manager has been made aware of the issue and will refresh our messages to our driving team. In addition to this we do use data from our bus telematics system which monitors idling via a system called “GreenRoad”, enabling us to work with drivers on any adverse readings.

 I’m pleased to confirm the new buses for these routes have now started to arrive and will be in service very soon. These are the first of the new & accelerated batch of vehicles that deliver ultra-low emissions as well as other environmental transport improvements such as stop-start technology.

 We’ll keep you updated.