Potential Financial Scam – Be Careful

One of my residnets asked me to publicise the following:

I am embarrassed to say that I have been victim to fraud and lost £125,000.00.

The fraudsters are working as an asset management company called Trading Trinity International LLC, you can google them and they have a live web site.

I wonder if you can let people know about this but keep my name out of it. I really would like to prevent others making the same mistake.

We have reported this to the banks involved and they are investigating. It has also been reported to Action Fraud but I am now aware they have been investigating for months yet Trinity are still trading fraudulently!

We did all the correct checks at the time thinking was it legitimate? but nothing showed up, it is all very credible. We were about to invest another £52k but we hung on and asked for further security information which called their bluff. So it could have been worse but obviously we are in a bit of a state about this and what makes it worse the police don’t seem to be doing anything!”

I have also informed the local police and Trading Standards about this.