The residents in the Adel Woods estate are to benefit from grant funding of £1800 for a new notice board. The Adel CRAG Tenants and Residents Group bid for the money from the Housing Advisory Panel (HAP) and their bid was successful following the HAP meeting on Monday 12th February.

Residents will be able to keep up to date with what is happening on the estate and different events that are taking place. It will help with social isolation and keep those who are not on the Internet or email included.

Adel CRAG are a thriving group of residents who take great pride in the area and have come up with a number of initiatives over the years.

I can see the benefits that this will bring to those who might feel lonely or that things are happening that they don’t know about.

Adel CRAG intends to site the notice board near to the large planter at the edge of the estate so that it is easily accessible for everyone and not just those living on the estate. This walkway is part of a route to Adel Primary School so events that are advertised may also be of interest to those passing by and walking that route.